2020 Updated Information about the best restaurants in Cartagena. From the typical cuisine to the best of what to expect.

Boasting eclectic food in Cartagena takes its cues from Middle-Eastern and African cuisine. Its fresh sea finds and colorful tropical fruits make the simplest meal a memorable experience. Its traditional culinary features a gamut of stews like mote de queso, a cheese-sprinkled soup cooked with a tuber called ñame. Fruits like lulu (local citrus) and corozo (palm fruit) are an integrated part of Cartagena’s everyday gastronomy. Recently, Colombians have also taken a liking to other knick-knacks like candies and beverages. With locals indulging in epicurean pleasures and burgeoning tourists, several restaurants have begun popping up around the city. Whether you are sunbathing on the beaches of Bocagrande or flipping through the pages of history in Old Town, an inviting restaurant is just around the corner.

La Vitrola

Anyone who has a knack for enjoying delicious meals at elegant restaurants should never miss La Vitrola. The upscale eatery is often frequented by the dignitaries, socialites, and politicians. Its vintage-style setting is reminiscent of the 50s. Its halls are always buzzing with live Cuban music, encouraging impromptu dances mid-meal. A beautiful mélange of fun and food, La Vitrola is bucket-list worthy. The vast menu and distinct environment make it a mainstay in Cartagena. Plan ahead to ensure you get a reservation, as there is a reason why this is rated as one of the best restaurants in Cartagena.

best restaurants in cartagena la vitrola

La Cevicheria Cartagena

If Cartagena could add food to their flag, it would be ceviche. You will find it everywhere from the street-side vendors to fine-dine restaurants. But to taste the best ceviche in Cartagena (or even in all Colombia), head straight to La Cevicheria. It is a small, no-frills restaurant. The entry to it can easily be missed so look for the din made by customers. Take a seat at the outdoor tables for the nicest experience here. If you still have space left, do try the pesto and sesame octopus’ salad here. They’re lip-smacking!

La Cevicheria cartagena


Meals don’t get more romantic than the late-night dine-ins at Alma’s open-air courtyard. Amid the sultry candle-lit ambiance, it serves a variety of tantalizing dishes like aromatic slow-cooked lamb and conch croquettes. Not much for the romance? It gets jazzy too. Head to Alma on a Friday when it hosts live music performances.

Alma restaurant cartagena

La Perla

Enjoy the best, most delicious cocktails by Carrascal, Colombia’s top mixologists at La Perla. The long cocktail list here entails mojitos, Tanqueray Gin martinis, vodka, and lemon and Blue Curaçao. Not only that, but the azure restaurant also serves scrumptious Peruvian-fusion dishes. Its vast menu bursts with options ranging from signature tune tiraditos to crispy-skinned suckling pig.

Carmen Cartagena Restaurant

Give in to your inner bon vivant and enjoy a meal at Carmen’s ‘Mirador’ terrace. It is a concoction of the sea and the seafood. Enclosed by hypnotic views and ocean breeze, Carmen creates a serene environment. Drink in the romance with a lychee rose cocktail as you wait for the ordered dishes to arrive. And while you are there, don’t leave until you’ve tasted their spicy red snapper. Make it better by accompanying it with a white Chocalan chardonnay.

best restaurant in cartagena

Food is a huge part of the culture in Colombia. In order to properly appreciate the lifestyle of Colombians, you simply must try some of the best restaurants in Cartagena. Try what they have to offer, and enjoy your time in Cartagena! If you want more tips on how to enjoy the city, check out our blog about the best things to do in Cartagena.

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