The Cocora Valley in Colombia is located in the beautiful region of the Central Cordillera, which is in the Andes. It is actually a part of the Las Nevados National Park, which became part of the park in 1985. The phrase Cocora Valley Colombia actually means “Star of water.” The valley was named in honor of Cocora, who was a princess in the pre-Columbian culture of the Quimbayan.

The national tree of Colombia is the Wax Palm, and it grows in the Cocora Valley Colombia. Many people come to see it, and it is just one of the things tourists come to the valley to do. There are also many endangered species of plants that grow there and are protected in the park.

If you plan on coming to visit the Cocora Valley Colombia you should be aware it has a temperate climate. This means the environment is humid with almost daily rainfall. The median temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15°C), and it can get to a maximum of 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25°C) and as low as 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12°C) so you can see the temperatures don’t vary much during the year. This makes it a nice place to visit if you don’t count the rainfall that happens much of this timeframe.

Cocora Valley Colombia

If you plan to visit, you should know that you get to Cocora Valley Colombia via the city of Salento. Once you arrive in Salento, you must hire a jeep, which is a shared transport known locally as a willy. These jeeps leave several times during the day and it is a 30-minute ride to the Cocora Valley Colombia.

It’s recommended to stay in the area for at least three days in order to get the most out of your trip. That way you can see all the beauty of the area, especially the national Wax Palms, as well as do things like take the famous 7.7 miles (12 kilometers) hike, shop for souvenirs, etc. A highlight of the hike is the visit to the famous hummingbird house, where you see lots of beautiful little birds. Don’t forget to bring your camera for the pictures of a lifetime.

If you choose to go on this famous hike there are three kinds of hikes to pick from. Which hike you choose depends on how in shape you are. There’s an all-day hike, as well as shorter ones that take two or three hours. You can travel the trek either clockwise, anti-clockwise or go straight to the Cocora Valley Colombia and back (the shortest at 500 meters, so there really is a hike for everyone).

Cocora Valley Colombia

One thing for certain, if you go on any of the hikes, be prepared by wearing waterproof boots, since the trek is known to get very muddy! The simple short hike to Cocora Valley Colombia will get you to the area to see the famous Wax Palms since it ends at the Bosque de las Palmas. From there, you can walk up the hill to get a great view of this beautiful valley. If you add the hill to your trek, your total timeframe will be extended to an hour or two, depending on how long you stay there to admire the trees, etc.

The anticlockwise hike is the more popular of the routes, starting at the blue gate. This version is not considered to require any special hiking skills. This lovely trek will meander all through the local forest, and you’ll see great waterfalls and some creeks along with the Wax Palms. The palms are the tallest palms in the world at up to 200 feet (60 meters) high.

Cocora Valley Colombia

If you want to see the hummingbirds, you’ll need to take a small detour of about a kilometer to get to the Hummingbird House otherwise known in Spanish as the La Casa de Los Colibris. You can also get some delicious hot chocolate as you watch the hummingbirds.

If you choose the clockwise trek, it heads to the Wax Palm tree area first, and then you will get to see the creeks, and head on to some wooden bridges, and the trail ends up at the Finca La Montana.

No matter which of the hikes you choose, be sure to bring those waterproof boots, a raincoat, warm clothing, sunscreen, and drinking water and some snacks. If you are worried about the rain, the driest time to visit Cocora Valley Colombia is December to February, but it does rain even in those months, and it is more expensive to go then.

Salento Colombia

So, where would you be staying if you come to Salento? It may be small, but there are actually many places to stay since it is a tourist area. There are things to see near here too besides the Cocora Valley Colombia hikes such as going on a coffee tour in Finca, going horseback riding, or a trip to the Santa Rita Falls.
All in all, the Cocora Valley Colombia area is quite beautiful and worth the trip! Plus, you can still manage to soak in the peacefulness of the region despite all the tourists who come to visit the region. So, if you love beautiful scenery and love to hike and take pictures of nature, then the Cocora Valley Colombia is a great choice for your next vacation trip!

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