2020 Updated Information about the best things to do in Salento. From relaxing to experiencing local life, there is plenty to find here!

Found to the west of Bogota, Salento is an Andean town in Colombia. Its landscape is famous for the greenswards that spread across acres. They make for a serene view, perfect for those seeking respite from quotidian hustling-bustling of the urban areas. Dotted with pastel buildings, eye-catching cafés, and quintessential paisa architecture, Salento is a visually-inspiring travel destination. From hiking a verdant valley to exploring concrete streets, there are a lot of things to do in Salento, Colombia.

Take the Cocora Valley Hike

Cocora Valley is the most popular reason why tourists from across the world come to visit Salento. Its verdant landscape is dense with the world’s tallest wax palm trees. Walking the nature trails of Cocora Valley is something akin to exploring the natural wonders of Ireland. If a hike seems tiresome, you can always hire a horse to ride to the top of the hills. Home to clear rivers and flourishing waterfalls, Cocora Valley is also a stunning place to spend time picnicking.

Cocora Valley Colombia

Visit the Hummingbird House in Acaime

The Hummingbird House is located along the backside of the lush green Cocora Valley. Only a short 2km hike stands between Cocora and Acaime. Wedged between the overlapping hills, the Hummingbird House is a modest place with a variety of hummingbirds fluttering in every nook and corner. You will find yourself in a surreal experience amongst colorful birds, fluffy birds, and those with big long tails. Although the house is private property, for a price of 5.000 pesos you will be able to enter and enjoy a delicious drink.

hummingbird hows in Salento, Colombia

Have Fun Playing Tejo

Tejo is a game native to Salento that you ought to play. The object of the game is to spend a fun-filled time with friends over a beer. There are no rules as such. Just drink beer and while doing so throw metal pucks at envelopes that are filled with gunpowder. Every time the heavy puck hits the envelope, it will cause an explosion, earning you a point. The game is hilarious and carefree with a single aim for you to have fun. To play it, head straight to the local cancha de tejo named Los Amigos.

things to do in salento

Explore Plaza Bolívar, Calle Real, and Mirador

Head to the pastel-painted Calle Real and Plaza of Salento. It is a mingling center where you will find locals and camera-totting tourists walking together. The plaza is lined with café, restaurants, and shops that make a convenient spot for people-watching while sipping on hot chocolate. Further around the corner is Calle Real, a pedestrian-friendly street with iron benches lined up along the sides. Again, a great spot to take in Salento and the surrounding landscape. Walk a little further to the top and you will find yourself in Mirador. It is the best place for handicrafts and souvenir shopping.

plaza bolivar

Eat from the Food Trucks

This is another local experience that will bring you closer to the typical lifestyle of a Salentino. Eating from the food-truck block is also an irresistible chance to taste dishes different from those found in a typical menu. The open-air food court is complete with a fireplace, central seating, and menus curated around various cuisines including Venezuelan, Mexican, and Arabic. It is located in central downtown and the trip is totally worth it.

food truck in salento

While many travelers come for the Cocora Valley, there are so many more fantastic things to do in Salento. Make sure that you make the most of this wonderful slice of Colombia, as it is a great location to get firsthand experience of what authentic Colombian life is really like.

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